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by V-Sor,X

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Dragged 05:54
Dragged and torn, rolled and worn Several years have passed me by Spending days, in a hollow place Hiding from the songs that built my life I have been unsatisfied, suppressing all the art inside Was heading to my grave without a sense of pride Won’t imitate the way you live, this beating heart has much to give I will never be denied I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive Once again
No, no, no, no it’s such a shame No, no, no, no this time I’m not to blame You said too much, you set the blame again It’s been coming for a long, long time but now we see the end I’ll take this chance and I’ll go free You cleared the fog and helped me see No, no, no, no it’s such a shame No, no, no, no this time I’m not to blame We have a chance to learn, to break the status quo And one day we will recognise we took this break to grow Face down, deep frown, your were sure that I would drown Your cries, saying I won’t rise, well can you see the fire in these eyes Let’s end this fighting trend and work towards being kinder friends Don’t demonise this compromise, you have seen the fire in my eyes
Grey & White 04:02
Who is the man with the grey white hair? There’s a recognition as we both stare In silence in silence His voice it has a familiar chime and he looks like me with a few carved lines Inquiring, inquiring There’s disappointment written on his face, by the speed of progress by the human race So weary so weary With the ghosts and gods and other fiction, all used to fuel a hate addiction So predictable. Oh so predictable Despite this anguish he seems at ease, I sense he feels no need to please Just moving on just moving on How will I feel when I reach his age? Will I still be aware, will I still be engaged? Will I still have goals? Will I still have soul?
Elektronisch 05:10
Pop, click, whirr and tick Pulse, thrust, electro lust Pumping, throbbing, avant-art Synth line soaring, moves my heart Resonating, stimulating Oscillating, motivating Soothing, moving, synthesising Sweeping, driving, energising
The Return 03:58
Driving through hollow town late at night, the world distorted by the dimmed street lights Shadows throw forms from a sinister world, I’m gestured by a working girl I’m in an area I don’t know too well, it’s locally known as just past hell Screeches in the dark from fighting cats and a momentary glimpse of scurrying rats There’s a smell of drains, stale and rotten, as I look for a house that’s long forgotten The hedge overgrown and a window broken, I push the door and it slides open This house once full of words and wishes, is stale and musty, a sink full of dishes The TV whines from the once living room, there’s an acetate smell in the fog and gloom You thought that you were in control but the tricks soon took a greater hold Now they’re the meaning that drives your day and the rest of your life’s turned a pallid grey The fear of resistance soon abates, your company oblivious in their altered state I pull you to your feet and head for the door, you’re compliant, confused and a little unsure Steel yourself for a punishing fight, working towards a healing light Don’t let yourself be defined, by the damaged person you’ve left behind I fold you into the back of the car, take a picture of this mess, the way you are It’s still unclear how we’ll break this chain but you’ll never visit this place again Don’t let yourself be defined, by the damaged person you’ve left behind
Getting Back 08:00
You sold your soul for fame and fun but in the end it didn't come To all the love that you said no, you’ll find you that you've no place to go I cannot see a space outside. your hell is here inside your mind Don't pile the blame on top of me. be grateful for what you’ve achieved If you think your best years have gone by, there's not much hope for you inside So place your hand upon your heart, being honest is the place to start I cannot see a space outside. your hell is here inside your mind Don't pile the blame on top of me. be grateful for what you’ve achieved
The hit and run has had its toll on me, I hate this person filled with jealousy Can’t drink, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t even cry. The minutes creep like hours and they pass by Washing over all these feelings, I realise what I’ve become The man who thought he could control emotion, with this deceit, he’s come undone The dim blue light as night surrounds my pain, while thoughts refuse to settle down The morning breaks and shakes my weary frame. In the mirror stares this concrete frown The anger that is coursing through me, is the weakness that I possess It’s time to shake and break this dark self pity and end this feeble mess The past no longer holds charm for me. The veil is torn, its stained and falling down A compromise, a sad and lonely tale of blame and guilt, of never giving ground But through the darkness a light is shinning, all the things I put aside As I can feel the ties unbinding, I see the person I had to hide The spark has taken hold and lit the fire I thank you for the future I desired
Feet Of Lead 03:44
Wake me up I need some rest, wake me up I’m so tired I can wake up and I’m laughing, I can wake up in fear Some of the time it’s cloudy and some of the time it’s clear I try my hardest to recall, piecing bit by bit But the story seems to drift around, the sequence doesn’t fit The car I’m in has broken down, there’s delays on the trains And in the airport the tannoy says they’ve cancelled all the planes Half way through my journey, my ticket isn’t there I’m trying to remember why I’m here, cause I know I was going somewhere Searching around for a couple of clues, to find an explanation Running around with feet of lead, in search of a destination No one seems to notice and even I’m composed But I’m in a meeting, I’m at the front, I’m not wearing any clothes
I’m not listening to the words that took you in You dream of a distant past, while life is happening You pitch, the bitch, well most of us have had our fill of it Break down, your frown, see the colours that are all around Living in different towns but the world is just the same Despite the words that poisoned you, you must take the blame You stoke, we choke, all the bitterness that you spoke This time, you’ll find, you’ve been dropped from the end of the line I don’t believe in what you represent, with bitter words and cruel intent You’ll crash and burn for all to see I delight when others take the time, to understand what better minds Have opened up for you and me
A colour palette filled with greys The track that leads back with the marks of the boots that have all but worn away And every meal it tastes the same The door is locked inside and the song it plays again and again A shadow falls across your face As a thought collides to twist your mind into another darker place I cannot see behind this gaze The mood is snatched, the charm detached as you retreat inside your maze Return to me A curtain drawn, connections torn A scene plays out in the eyes of the friend who’s heart is tired and worn It’s hard to watch your body change As the once bright face succumbs to the weight of the lead that drives this inner strain Return to me
Industry 06:56
Life in a rubber box, far from electric shocks Head in a barrel of sand, I’m speaking to the hand Cream for any itch, heart in a tiny fridge So tell me, why’s this thin frame still warm I’ve been in a bus with fame, the saddest and the lame Head full of booze and coke but they still don’t see the joke I’ve eaten with the richest, the nice ones and the bitches Their style is very funny, bludgeoned to death by money We past each other standing still, no waiting In the push and shove, no time for love, while raging It’s best we leave the past behind, done faking As we’ve both seen better days since then We cut the line from those blank ways Lost days, goodbye


Reformer by V-Sor,X is alternative but not abstract. It is also synth pop but definitely not throw away. You won’t find 12 identical songs. The album has big sing-a-long tracks including Crash And Burn, Dragged, Getting Back, That’s Quite Enough and Industry. It has more thoughtful tracks like The Return, Grey And White and The Eyes Of A Friend. There are also some quirky and/or quasi-dance tracks – Elektronisch and Jumping And Jigging And Energised. All stand on their own, while managing to coalesce into one coherent body of work.


released June 21, 2019

Bass by Ian 'Rolls' Rowland


all rights reserved



V-Sor,X Ashbourne, UK

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